Coach Mark

Mark is the head coach for WTF.  He has been training clients since ‘07 and has worked with children as young as five years old and adults up to ninety years old.  As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, he works with finding imbalances within the body, using stretching and exercise to correct and strengthen the primary, functional movements of the body.

From his experience as a collegiate level athlete, Mark has suffered many injuries and has a passion for helping those that are struggling with pain.  He has worked with clients with a wide array of injuries or ailments, such as knee replacements and surgeries, hip replacements, stroke victims, disc damage, spinal injuries, c-sections, rotator cuff injuries, and muscle tears and strains.  He is credentialed through AAFA, NESTA, ACE, NASM, Fit for Birth, Les Mills, and CATCH for youth.